Are you an IT professional on the lookout for exciting opportunities?

Your next project

Looking for your next rewarding project as an IT freelancer? AT Recruitment is the perfect partner to connect you to dynamic projects that can help you grow your career! Since 2004, we’ve been a trusted source in matching candidates with exciting projects in the industry.

Our team

Our team is dedicated to providing a fast and qualitative experience for both clients and freelancers. We go beyond just looking at your technical skills and evaluate whether or not you fit into the company culture, ensuring that each project is a memorable success and opens doors to many other opportunities.

Do not compromise on freelance freedom but find a faithful guide with experience in the world of IT. In our wide network you will find the most innovative organizations and the most interesting assignments. Ready to grow your portfolio and career to the fullest?

Way of working


Online intake call

In an initial video call, we want to get to know you. What are your skills? What relevant experience do you bring to accomplishing assignments? Based on the briefing with our client, we immediately discuss whether you are a match.


With the insights learned from the initial conversation, we knock on our client’s door. Together, we select the right freelance professionals for the assignment and notify you. Did the client still choose another freelancer? Then we provide the necessary feedback so you know where this choice came from.

Feedback & Coordination

Regardless of the client’s decision, we provide the necessary feedback. But we also listen to you. This is how we ensure a smooth and transparent recruitment process. And so you get important information that makes subsequent job interviews a great success.

Monthly check-ins & Admin

In this phase, we go the extra mile to maintain seamless operations. We perform feedback reviews, handle updates, and manage necessary tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly. We serve as your single point of contact, bridging the gap between you and the client.

How does it work?


PKF provides in-depth insights into the world of freelancing, empowering you with a clear understanding of its complexities and helping you take confident steps on your freelance path.


Starting a freelance business can be daunting, but PKF has got your back. From choosing the right business name to handling accounting and everything in between, consider them your personal guide on this adventure.


Navigating the legal aspects, from tax implications to contracts and more. Their support covers the entire freelance spectrum, ensuring you have the legal guidance and expertise you need to succeed.

Let us work for you!

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