“A leap into the future: our new office

After months of planning and preparation, we are excited to move into our new office. This move not only revolves around a physical change, but also symbolizes our commitment to growth, innovation and providing even better service to our valued customers.

For nearly 20 years we shared offices with our beloved sister organization Axxes. Now, however, the time has come to physically stand on our own two feet as well. Not only to work better together as a team, but also to further strengthen and market our own identity.

Furnishing and optimizing the office was a fun and challenging project! Internally, we had a strong vision: the new office would become a meeting place where people felt welcome and could work (together) in a focused way. Assisted by an external interior design firm, we managed to build a warm and accessible nest for our employees in 6 months.

The quay on which we now sit has a strong history behind it. In 1869, the Connection Dock-East Quay was still called “the East Quay Road of Connection Dock. Since then, it connects the old docks (Willemdok) with the new docks (Kattendijkdok). The property itself also has quite a life behind it. It used to be an old bank branch. Some of its authentic elements are still present.

Our new office, an oasis of light and space, exudes a whole new energy. Located in a central and easily accessible location, it is designed with collaboration and creativity in mind. The open layout and modern furnishings create an environment where our team can work better together and thus we can serve our customers even better.

With our new office, we can even better meet our clients’ needs as an IT recruitment solution. It allows us to organize personal meetings, where we can listen to our clients’ ambitions and goals, and provide them with tailored advice and solutions.

Care to stop by? Call, email or send us a whatsapp. You are more than welcome!