P.E. – Senior Software Engineer

‘Thank you for bringing the opportunity and especially for the good follow-up and communication. First time experiencing this, so big kudos to AT Recruitment! ‘

Jordy N. – Support Engineer

‘After almost 4 months of economic unemployment, I am very happy to be able to start again. A huge thank you to Marie for this fantastic opportunity and for the effort, quick and clear communication and fantastic guidance. Thanks in part to her, I can soon get back to work in good spirits.’

Bjorn H. – Business Analyst at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

Shortly after I got in touch with consultant Nathalie, she found me the ideal job at a company that fits my personality very well. Thank you Nathalie!

Ruben V. – Software Developer

It has been about two years since I signed my contract with Delen Private Bank, which involved AT RECRUITMENT in general and consultant Evie in particular. I still left my previous employer with a scared heart, but I am extremely satisfied with the transition. My only regret is that I didn’t take the step 6 […]

Nele M. – Software Implementation Consultant HR

I have had a very pleasant experience with AT RECRUITMENT. Sarah is a very competent recruiter who puts the person first. I was well monitored and guided from the beginning. I was able to be open about my concerns about the new opportunity, which was obviously going to define my career, and received all the […]

Reena B. – File Administrator

Admittedly, it is a long maze to search for the perfect job by yourself. I almost lost my way, but thanks to AT RECRUITMENT, I was soon able to follow the right path to my dream job!

Patrick J. – Project Manager

“Thanks to AT RECRUITMENT, I am now working in a ‘handmade’ job with an employer they introduced me to on their own initiative. During the process, consultant Nathalie was the perfect intermediary between the employer and me. I thank Nathalie from the bottom of my heart for my new job.”

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