The increasing competitiveness of the labour market pushes organizations and their staff to continuously improve performance. Predicting the suitability of a candidate and an insight into the talents of your staff are therefore essential. Testing and assessment can yield well-founded advice to support the decision regarding recruitment or promotion.

You have already lined up a number of candidates, but you wish to obtain well-founded advice? Or you want a clear competence analysis of the candidate to help coach him in his future career within your organization?

Do you wish to get to know the potential of your current staff? Does an employee have the competences to climb the ladder? How can you identify high potentials within your company and further guide them?

AT RECRUITMENT has over 10 years of experience in testing, assessment, and development centers. Using a clear competence analysis, we choose the right tools for a test or assessment center tailored to your specific demand. Within 3 working days you will receive a clear competence report with unambiguous advice that will help you make the right decision.



Half Day

computerized tests

A performance screening of the essential competences to help make a well-founded decision.

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Assessment center

Full Day

tests + assessment exercises

A thorough analysis based on a combination of tests and practical exercises to chart more complex competences (commercial or management).

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Development center

Full Day

potential evaluation

A complete analysis of your ‘key employee’ or ‘high potential’ to help develop their full potential.

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Do you wish to know the competences or the potential of a candidate or employee?

AT RECRUITMENT is the perfect partner in shaping our policies on recruitment, selection and career planning. For example, we organise adapted assessment centers which allow us to guide high potentials toward key functions within BDM.